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A few years ago, few people knew about such a concept as “interval training”. This training method was used only by professional athletes to prepare for the competition. It allows you to burn fat or build muscle as soon as possible, making the body prominent (it all depends on the set of exercises and equipment used in this type of training). Now, interval training for burning fat is increasingly gaining popularity among ordinary fitness enthusiasts. And the biggest advantage of this type of training is their short duration. It is not necessary to spend one and a half to two hours in the gym or on a treadmill every day to throw a few extra pounds, just allocate 20-30 minutes of your time and only 3 times a week. This will be more than enough to achieve the same results as in the first case, but only twice as fast.

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So, let’s take a closer look at what is interval training for burning fat.

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This is a type of training in which the alternation of exercises in a high-intensity pace with a short rest or a low-intensity load occurs. This method is most effective for burning fat, since the content of the amino acid L-carnitine, which is responsible for transporting fat cells to the mitochondria, where they burn, increases by 2 times. A large number of these amino acids allows you to burn fat in the form of fuel for the body, both during and after training for many more hours. Also in the blood is a large release of growth hormone, which is responsible for burning fat in our body and speeding up metabolism. Such a double effect will not take long to wait in the form of results from such regular high-intensity interval training.

One more indisputable advantage of IT is their complete non-attachment to the place of training. So, interval workouts for weight loss at home are perfect for those who do not have the opportunity to go to a fitness club and pay a monthly subscription. Here you can use your own imagination and not limit yourself to anything: you can work with a skipping rope, you can use various dumbbells and weighting, and you can use only your own weight. The choice is yours!

Interval training programs at home

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Circular interval training

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At home, you can use various combinations of exercises that you only want: jumping rope, squats, pushups, abdominal exercises, etc. Choose for yourself five different exercises and do them one by one continuously and without rest. Each exercise, repeat 15-25 times at a very fast pace, then go on to the next exercise and so on until you complete the whole circle of five exercises. Then do a 20-30 second rest (for advanced – easy running in place) and repeat the circle again completely. Do these 5-7 laps, and you will feel how effective this interval training for burning fat.


In 1996, a unique system of interval training How to increase testosterone in the body of men – Select Brands was developed by a Japanese doctor, Tabat, in Tokyo. It was called the Protocol, or Tabata, the more well-known name. It combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Such a double action gives an excellent effect for fat burning and the construction of a relief body.

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The principle of such training consists in very fast performance of one exercise on one group of muscles (legs / press / buttocks) for 4 minutes. It looks like this: 20 seconds – work, 10 seconds – complete rest, and so on, all 4 minutes. And in 20 seconds you need to have time to do at least 20 repetitions of this exercise, which should be approximately 8 sets in a 4-minute workout.

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Such interval workouts for burning fat at home will allow you to burn fat in the shortest possible time, strengthen the cardiovascular system and acquire beautiful relief muscles.


I also refer this type of training to what can be performed without the help of special simulators, since the street variant is also well suited for it. « Fartlek » in Swedish means « game with speed. » The basic principle of this interval training is that you will need to work at different speeds, times and distances. You can start with brisk walking for 40 seconds, then go jogging for 3 minutes, then a 30-second sprint, then walking, jogging, sprinting, etc. The duration of training is 15-40 minutes, depending on your sport training and endurance. The advantage of this interval training for burning fat before a regular run is that you are not monotonously running forward, but changing all the time your speed and duration of intervals, which makes your workout more interesting and not boring.

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Your body is your best motivation.

Interval workouts for weight loss at home – the best way to burn fat while maintaining your muscles. What happens to our muscles during such high-intensity training?

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All of you have probably heard that human muscles are made up of fast and slow fibers. Slow are responsible for endurance and duration of training, and faster – for speed and strength, they help to perform the exercise at a very fast pace or to lift heavy weight. For example, marathon runners have slower fibers, because they need to run long distances at an average pace, while sprinters have fast fibers, because their runs are short, but the speed at which they overcome this short distance is several times higher, than marathon runners, so fast fibers are involved. With interval training, both slow and fast fibers are included in the work, which has a double effect on our muscles.

Pulse during interval training should be 75-90% of the maximum, 95% is allowed, but this is under the supervision of a professional trainer. This kind of extreme training is not suitable for everyday training, 2-3 times a week will be enough (for very advanced 4 times allowed).

The benefits of interval training

Interval training enemy

Now let’s summarize all of the above and determine what benefits have high-intensity interval training for burning fat over regular long-term cardioprograms.

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After IT, the metabolic process is increased several times as compared with constant-intensity training. Accordingly, you spend more calories for at least another day after the end of the workout.

Interval training in addition to increased metabolism accelerates all metabolic processes in the body. The oxidation of lipids in your muscles is faster, and this means that the process of fat loss increases, and you burn fat even faster.

High-intensity training allows you to reduce the amount of enzymes that accumulate fat – this is proved by a study in Trondheim at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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The overall endurance of your body increases and athletic performance improves.

Decent saving is terry crews on steroids your time compared to low-intensity workout duration per hour.

And the most important BIG RESULT in the shortest possible time! Doesn’t every girl dream about this?

So, we have determined with you what kind of interval workouts for fat burning at home are the most effective, and what are their advantages over regular workouts. I hope my article has helped you figure out and understand how IT is better for burning fat than any other SUSTANON 250 (Sustanon) – CRSSD ‡ Festival Fall \’19 workout. I wish you not to stop on the way to your dream and improve with my blog.

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